European Partners

  • International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA)

    The International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA) is a global platform open to organisations working within the field of grassroots sport, culture, youth and physical activity. Created in 1995, ISCA is today a global actor closely cooperating with its 180 member organisations, international NGOs, and public and private sector stakeholders. The 40 million individual members of these 180 organisations from 65 countries represent a diverse group of people active within youth, sport and cultural activities. ISCA concentrates on three key areas - project activities, education and policy- making/advocacy efforts. Apart from promoting events and educational programmes, ISCA takes a full role in the public debate on civil society engagement in sport and culture and strives to influence policies in these areas. As the founder of the European-wide NowWeMOVE campaign to promote grassroots sport and physical activity (, ISCA, along with SESC as founder of the MOVE Brasil campaign, will be the central organisation in the coordination of the project. ISCA's partnership with SESC will make the project and its results an integral part of the two campaigns. ISCA is also centrally placed to execute a broad-reaching dissemination and exploitation of the project.

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  • European Cyclists' Federation - ECF

    Since our foundation in 1983, ECF has had one goal: To promote cycling as a sustainable and healthy means of transportation and recreation. Our roots are in Europe, but the challenges we face are global. We believe the bicycle is a solution to many of the world's woes. We therefore have an ambition to export both ours and our members' expertise worldwide. The European Cyclists' Federation (ECF) is pledged to ensure that bicycle use achieves its fullest potential so as to bring about sustainable mobility and public well-being. To achieve these aims, ECF seeks to change attitudes, policies and budget allocations at the European level. ECF will stimulate and organise the exchange of information and expertise on bicycle related transport policies and strategies as well as the work of the cyclists' movement.

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  • EPODE International Network (EIN)

    EIN: Supporting and facilitating prevention programmes The EPODE International Network (EIN), a not-for-profit organisation created in April 2011, believes that the rising trend of overweight and obesity is entirely reversible. And that together, using the Community approach, we can prevent it. The network supports organisations that want to implement or that are already implementing Community-Based Programmes based on the EPODE methodology for obesity and non-communicable disease. Community-Based Programmes are an essential part of the long-term solution for preventing obesity and promoting healthy active lifestyles. They also have positive effects on the environment, economy and social cohesion.

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  • European Physical Education Teachers' Associations (EUPEA)

    EUPEA is a non-profit and Non-Governmental professional Organisation of national PE Associations, which promotes PE and School Sport in Europe by working with appropriate Governmental and Non-Governmental Organisations and individual experts and professionals. The European Physical Education Association (EUPEA) is the umbrella organisation of the national Physical Education Associations in Europe, representing approx. 200.000 individual members (Physical Education teachers) in 32 countries. EUPEA's vision is to promote Physical Education as an important educational area within the school system and the training of young people. Its mission is to guarantee the presence of Physical Education within the curriculum through a continuously adjusted and actualized argumentation and lobby for the position of Physical Education in all countries of Europe. One of EUPEA's core objectives is to continuously investigate the situation of Physical Education in the different member countries in Europe. EUPEA's specific expertise lies in the field of Physical Education (PE) as well as in Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE). Besides that EUPEA has an excellent multilevel-Physical Education network in Europe consisting of National Physical Education Teacher Associations, Physical Education teachers and corresponding schools.

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  • International Association of Sport and Leisure Infrastructure Management (IASLIM)

    International Association of Sport and Leisure Infrastructure Management (IASLIM) is non-governmental and non-profit international organization and movement, for the purpose of promoting sustainable development and improving the management of sport and leisure infrastructure, throughout the world. The Association would not be a bureaucratic organization, with a centralized structure but a network of national, regional and continental conferences and committees, as part of the international structure. Association as a movement will design a virtual space using fast communications with the internet connections, e-mail correspondence, on line video conferences and workshops and distant education, training and consulting programs and services. The association aims are to make commitments to the infrastructure managers and to develop profession of sport and leisure infrastructure management.

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  • European Healthy Stadia Network (EHSN)

    The European Healthy Stadia Network supports sports clubs, stadia operators and governing bodies of sport to develop health promoting policies and practices at stadia that contribute to improved levels of public health amongst fans, stadia workforces and local communities. The overarching role of the Network is to advocate for sports stadia to become health promoting environments, and to assist stadia in achieving this goal through one-to-one support, guidance documents and case studies of current practice. The European Healthy Stadia Network (EHSN) works with both professional and amateur sports clubs, and statutory partner agencies to develop sports clubs as health promoting settings. EHSN is social enterprise based in the UK with associate organisations in another 14 European countries. At a consultancy level, EHSN helps individual clubs and governing bodies of sport to develop appropriate health promoting policies and practices through health impact assessments and guidance documentation, for example, developing active travel to sports grounds. At a network level, EHSN shares examples of current good practice amongst its membership of 250+ stadia, and advocates on key public health issues of relevance to a sports stadia context e.g. smoke free stadia across Europe. EHSN receives direct funding from the World Heart Federation, through its role as official health partner in UEFA's Football and Social Responsibility (FSR) partnership portfolio.

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National Partners

  • BG BE Active, Bulgaria

    BG Be Active (BGBA) is a growing organisation in Bulgaria working within the field of health-enhancing physical activity (HEPA) promotion. BGBA understands that the value of physical activity for health is an irreplaceable part of life and believes that HEPA is not luxury commodity but a basic human right. Its main aim, therefore, is to get Europe's least active nation (Eurobarometer, 2014) moving again to enhance their health and wellbeing. The organisation promotes the benefits of regular exercise and provides recreational activities that involve movement to Bulgarian citizens. Hence, the efforts of BGBA are aimed at ensuring that Bulgarian citizens can exercise their right to physical activity through all stages of life. The organisation consists of a core team of highly competent managers with international experience, 5 physical activity (PA) instructors and up to 4 EVS volunteers. We also work with volunteers from Bulgaria on specific events. We plan to establish ourselves as a federation with member organisations in different cities in Bulgaria, and start offering good practices that we see on European level to more clubs and people related to HEPA, physical education (PE) and sport for health.

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  • V4Sport, Poland

    The mission of V4Sport is to increase the number of people physically active in Poland. V4Sport believes that volunteers can play a very important role in this process, in particular young volunteers.
    The organisation accomplishes its statutory objectives via:
    - support (trainings) for sports volunteers and promotion of creation and development of facilities and organisations engaged in non-commercial sport;
    - efforts to increase involvement in sport and physical culture, of both individuals and social groups;
    - provisions and development of tools which sports organisations can use to seek volunteers and people interested in sport.
    V4Sport works to facilitate positive changes in sports organisations. It has already completed a number of projects which support development of youth voluntary activities in sport and through sport. It develops tools to improve communication between organisations and young people interested in volunteering. It builds innovative web and multimedia projects for sport: portals, websites, applications and presentations. V4Sport is the National Coordinator of the NowWeMOVE campaign and its MOVE Week in Poland. V4Sport believes that new technologies are key to the successful engagement of young people in the field of sports volunteering. Its key products within this area are: International Common Data Base for Sports Volunteering (ICDB) (available in Polish and English) and Sports Volunteering Relationship Management tool - (currently available in Polish) - an advanced tool that enables successful management of even thousands of volunteers during one event.

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  • Union Francaise des Oeuvres Laiques d'Education Physique (UFOLEP), France

    UFOLEP was founded in 1928 and is today the first French multi-sport federation with 364 000 members, 8 600 clubs, 130 sport activities and 101 local representations UFOLEP's aim is to federate sport association and organize at local, regional and national level competitions. Then, as the sport sector of the Ligue de l'enseignement, it is part of the Ligue's educational project of making of each citizen, through sport or cultural activities accessible to all, a citizen aware of nowadays issues.
    Thus it daily works on making sport activities of all kind:
    -accessible for all (variety of activities, presence on urban and rural areas, intergenerational activities);
    -sustainable and a tool for local development;
    -an occasion to discover other cultures;
    -a path to a better, social and professional, integration;
    -facilitate lifelong learning;
    -a healthier lifestyle.
    To reach its goal UFOLEP is structured around a central pillar and two sectors:
    1st sector: SPORT - EDUCATION representing our traditional activities with or without competitions (sports and leisure)
    2nd sector: SPORT - SOCIETY dealing with making sure that every person can practice a physical activity with four main target groups (seniors, very young children up to 3 years old, disabled people, socially disadvantaged)
    The central pillar is for every service used by both sectors (communication, training, statutory aspects) or transversal issues (sustainable development, International relations).

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  • Social Cooperative Enterprise Greenways, Greece

    The "KINONIKI SINETERISTIKI EPIXIRISI PRASINES DIADROMES", Greenways SCE, is a Social Cooperative Enterprise (SCE) and under L.4019/2011 (Official Gazette A 216) is a civil-law cooperative with a social purpose and limited liability for its members, possessing entrepreneurial capacity by law and registered to Social Economy General Register of the Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Welfare.
    Greenways SCE was established in 2012 with the aim to serve local and collective interests and to promote employment, social cohesion and local or regional development through activities among others:
    - Promoting and communicating sustainable mobility, physical activity and accessibility
    - Planning and certifying cycle routes and greenways
    - Organizing events, campaigns, projects
    - Lifelong learning, training
    - Auditing bike-friendly services, sustainable mobility urban plans and cycling policies
    - Cycling tour operator
    - Bike rental and repair services
    - Outdoors activities and sports events.
    It is a member of International Sports and Culture Association (ISCA), European Cycle Logistics Federation and candidate member of European Cyclists Network (ECF).

  • Unione Italiana Sport per Tutti (UISP), Italy

    UISP has among his principles the promotion of sport for all without any form of discrimination. For this reason it promotes activities of solidarity, promotion of sport and health, avtivities for the social inclusion which involves many people. UISP is composed as following: 1 National Headquarter, 19 Thematic areas (research and counselling on specific topics related to sport, training and social inclusion), 20 Regional Committees, 161 Local committees, 25 national sports leagues, 17.850 sports club associated, 1.327.000 individual members. UISP is formally recognized: from the Italian Olympic Committee as Sport Promotion Body; from the Internal Ministry as Assistance Body; from the Ministry of Justice as privileged body to realise activities towards convict and under social control measures people; from the Ministry of Welfare as Social Promotion Body; from the Ministry of Education as training organisation for teachers and trainers. Finally, every year UISP carries out training projects, activities, seminars on topic related to the values of Sport For All, dedicated to teachers, trainers, educators and students on the whole national territory, realised in different contexts as schools, youth centres, sport centres, etc. It is founder member of FARE (Football Against Racism in Europe) and promote lot of international campaign of sport against discrimination and doping and it is member of ISCA (International Sport and Culture Association).

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