Type of project: Toolkit Download PDF Developed by: UNICEF - The United Nations Children's Fund http://www.unicef.org/evaluation/files/advocacy_toolkit.pdf
  • Year 2010
  • Contact Info UNICEF - The United Nations Children's Fund

Synthesis of the case study

The Advocacy Toolkit provides a broadly accepted definition of advocacy and underscores UNICEF’s unique position and experience in advocacy. The heart of the toolkit provides detailed steps, guidance and tools for developing and implementing a strategy for advocacy. The Toolkit outlines eight areas that can help strengthen one's capacity for advocacy, and covers several cross-cutting aspects, including monitoring and evaluation, managing knowledge and risks, building relationships, securing partnerships, and working with children and young people in advocacy. Special focus is given to some topics, including human rights and equity approaches to advocacy, theories of change, and conducting advocacy in humanitarian situations.

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UNICEF - The United Nations Children's Fund